2016 Update: The store is closed, the future is bright!

Ancient Way Enterprises, Inc. started in 1999 as Ancient Way Acupuncture & Herbs. Our founder and president, Kevin O’Neil, worked to bring higher quality, legally imported traditional Chinese herbs to the English-speaking world via early e-commerce. Our shopping cart and shipping operations went through many stages of growth along with the development of the internet.

Kevin also went through personal growth, and felt called beyond Chinese medicine to make a positive difference for kids on a bigger scale than clinical practice allowed. He started volunteering with early literacy and mentoring programs, as well as branching out his business into comic books and toys to encourage reading and creativity.

He has followed this path (and a few side-trails) and finds himself working considerably more with web and app development, still with a focus on educational, fun books and apps for kids.

Ancient Way Enterprises, Inc. continues to be involved in e-commerce, but not by directly selling to customers from this domain. We have found that taking on special projects to help other businesses and individuals reduce their excess inventory using our expertise in shipping and e-commerce is rewarding with enough flexibility for our other projects.

We thank our customers and suppliers for their business over the past 16 years and wish you all a healthy 2017!

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