My “Good Old Fashioned e-Services” include very personalized e-Commerce consulting and cooperating. Whether you are trying to get your small business’ product on Amazon Prime, create a shipping department using iMacs, or put a special collection on eBay, I can help you get set up right.

I enjoy designing shipping rooms and micro-warehouses, enabling small businesses to grow in to modern e-commerce. Ancient Way has a complete mobile shipping and audio/video/development studio (VW Eurovan with a solar trailer), and can travel for on-site special projects. Photography, scanning, spreadsheets, UPC codes, recording interviews… all in a day’s work!

Computer Systems Analyst and Small Network Architect

So you want to run your business mostly on Apple Macs with iPads and iPhones as support peripherals? Are you doing e-commerce in increasing volume and just wish you could stop manually entering each order into your accounting system? Do you need help setting up a secure, reliable small network with security cameras, automated backups, and your own e-mail and web servers? I have designed and managed Apple and Windows small business systems as the Information Technology Manager and Operations Manager for my company as well as assisting IT transitions for other businesses and non-profits.

Amazon Seller Consultant

If you manufacture or retail products and don’t have an Amazon department yet, you are missing out on the biggest, most easily reachable and scalable market ever. There are some helpful Kindle books and blogs out there about Selling on Amazon, but many of them are outdated, and some contain inaccurate info which could lead to suspensions or just too low of profits. A little consulting up front will save you a ton of time and money if this is a new journey for your business.

Having a hard time navigating Amazon Seller Central and need some oversight for ungating in special categories? If you are considering Fulfillment By Amazon, you could probably use some help with learning the right prep requirements for your inventory and get some advice about the right tools to use for managing inventory and tracking fees and profits. There is no one tool or resource that is currently a complete solution to managing inventory (especially with small manufacturing and kitting) and bookkeeping. While you will still need an accountant and bookkeeper, I can work with them to set up a mostly automated system for importing sales data from Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, etc.

eBay PowerSeller and Auction Consignments

Silver and Bronze Age comic books are selling well right now on eBay. I am an experienced grader and shipper, and have worked with several collections on a consignment and purchase basis. I have also helped with fundraisers by auctioning donated items. Star Wars toys, Marvel Super-Heroes, Vintage Gaming… Yes, I’m a geek!

I also really enjoy working with books from the 1800s, especially art, history of science & medicine, and economics. Much of this work requires white cotton gloves and a photography studio with special camera mounts and lights.

From rare book collections and high-end comics to brand name apparel and antique tools, I have bought it, sold it, and shipped it. I can do it for you or teach you how. Give me a shout using the contact page if this sounds like what you’ve been looking for.