Mac/iOS Software Developer

I have been working with Apple computers since 1982, and wanted to be a programmer since my introduction to Basic in grade school. While I am still a student of Swift (Apple’s open-source language which runs all of the iOS devices) and C, I have been in the Apple Developer program for several years and am actively involved in the xCode environment.

Currently I am taking iOS programming classes and working on my own creations, but hope to be available for special projects and job offers soon.

I also have experience with PHP and MySQL, particularly via osCommerce contribution modification. HTML and CSS, too, as they are not only needed for Web Design, but for formatting eBooks for Kindle and iOS.

Of course, working with a Graphical User Interface requires Graphics. I have years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, vector art, publishing and printing, and audio/video/animation. I have a complete Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for my business, and regularly take classes to improve my skills. I hope to be an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert soon.

One ideal project is design, code, and launch an illustrated e-book (like a Fixed Format Kindle Children’s Book) and an accompanying interactive app/game for tablets. Formerly a domain for large companies with dedicated teams, this is now within the reach of individuals and small businesses, using freelancers like me for design and development work.

I am also a partnered developer with, and can work with clients to use their templates, saving huge amounts of time and money on game development and mobile applications development.